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Financial Post: Few incentives in spending-heavy B.C. budget, global downturn worries business

British Columbia’s budget pays too little attention to the potential impacts of a slowing global economy and a shifting housing market, business leaders say.

Finance Minister Carole James is banking on continued strong economic growth to fund long-term social and economic programs amounting to $2 billion over the next three years, but that’s risky, B.C. Business Council president Greg D’Avignon said Wednesday.

He said the council, which represents many of the largest employers in the province, credits the government for the budget initiatives that support families and environment programs, but it should not take business for granted in a darkening economy.

“I would caution the government that to take the economy for granted is at their peril,” D’Avignon said. “There’s a complete absence of economic vision in the face of what we see are some increasing strong head winds facing the economy in B.C. and Canada.”

Also published in the Prince George Citizen

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