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Vernon Morning Star, Tom Fletcher: Report predicts rebound

A lower Canadian dollar and a slow recovery in the U.S. and around the world bode well for the B.C. economy in the next two years, a new report from the Business Council of B.C. says.

“The U.S. economy is gaining ground, the Eurozone is out of recession, and Asia, particularly China, continues to expand at a robust clip,” said executive vice-president Jock Finlayson as he released the BCBC economic outlook report.

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Vancouver Sun, Barbara Yaffe: BC business appears bullish on 2014

British Columbians had good reason to feel downcast in 2013 about their province’s fiscal performance.

From a business perspective, it was a lacklustre year. GDP growth was 1.5 per cent with “essentially no overall job growth,” according to the Business Council of B.C.

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Vancouver Sun: Editorial - Economists agree things are looking up for BC's economy

Business leaders delivered a welcome message this week — betting on improved economic conditions for the coming year as Canada’s dollar declines and demand for B.C. exports grows.

Both the Business Council of B.C. and a Board of Trade Economic Outlook Summit are predicting provincial growth to climb to 2.4 per cent, up from 1.5 per cent in 2013. Improved growth is expected to lower B.C.’s jobless rate which stands at 6.6 per cent, the highest of any western province. The province lost nearly 19,000 jobs on a net basis last year.

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Vancouver Sun: Yaffe - Loonie's decline brings both joy and misery to BC Business

The Canadian dollar’s decline is a mixed blessing for B.C.’s business community.

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Global BC TV: Falling loonie winners and losers

The Canadian dollar has dropped to its lowest level in three years, with some analysts saying it’s likely to go even lower. Jas Johal reports on the winners and losers. Video features Ken Peacock, Vice President and Chief Economist, Business Council of British Columbia.  

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Vancouver Sun: Loonie's decline could boost BC tourism and dent the appeal of cross-border shopping

British Columbia’s tourism sector received two late gifts this week — fresh snow on local mountains and a Canadian dollar that has dropped in value, which makes local destinations more attractive to foreign travellers.

However, it will take longer for that latter factor to have an economic impact, the size of which will depend on how deeply the dollar drops versus the U.S. greenback.

The dollar edged down 0.27 of a cent to 92.56 cents US in currency trading Wednesday, its lowest close since late October 2009, after falling more than a cent Tuesday.

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Vancouver Sun: Resource development projects can aid First Nations: PM

Resource development projects offer First Nations “an unprecedented opportunity” to gain economic benefits and resolve social issues in their communities, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said during an informal discussion at the Vancouver Board of Trade Monday.
Harper, in response to questions from board of trade CEO Iain Black, vowed that his government would not approve pipeline projects “unless they meet the highest standards of environmental protection.” Ottawa will also live up to its constitutional obligation to consult with First Nations on resource development, he said.

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Business in Vancouver: Province to see at least one LNG project in 2014: BCBC

The LNG sector will have at least one final investment decision by a private company in 2014, predicts the Business Council of British Columbia (BCBC).

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Vancouver Sun: Business groups herald recommendation to build pipeline

To B.C. and Canada's business community, the National Energy Board's recommendation that government approve Enbridge's Northern Gateway pipeline proposal put the project over a major hurdle toward realizing its economic benefits.

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Vancouver Sun: Lobbyist/think-tank chief Jock Finlayson prefers to keep spotlight on the issues

Jock Finlayson never fails to make himself available to reporters writing about business and economics in B.C., and he invariably has something quotable to say.

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CBC News: BC minister, business groups rally for New Prosperity mine

Some of B.C.'s biggest business leaders are urging the federal government to approve a controversial gold and copper mine, despite ongoing environmental concerns and a judicial review.

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Vancouver Sun: Economic council that advises government expects slower BC growth

The Economic Forecast Council has lowered its growth projections for British Columbia this year and next. The slower growth projection comes as a result of year-to-date slowing in domestic indicators such as consumer spending and ongoing uncertainty in the global economy.

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National Post: Whistler's hydrogen bus boondoggle

British Columbia is unlikely to meet its ambitious greenhouse gas (GHG) emission targets for 2020, says the Business Council of BC.

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Vancouver Sun, Barbara Yaffe: Lagging productivity is problematic

Punishing property taxes. Distracting red tape. An uncompetitive tive PST.
These three items top a list of small business complaints strongly tied to B.C.'s troubling productivity gap with the rest of Canada.
The Business Council cil of B.C. lamented recently that "B.C.'s productivity performance over the last five years is underwhelming." The report, by council executive VP Jock Ferguson and chief economist Ken Peacock, noted the all-important measure of output-per-worker in the province. Not only is it 10 per cent below the Canadian average, but it's also "well behind" that of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland.

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Digital Journal: Minister Moore highlights benefits of Canada-EU Trade Agreement for BC at BC Business Summit

Today, as co-chair of the first annual B.C. Business Summit, the Honourable James Moore, Minister of Industry and Minister Responsible for British Columbia, delivered an opening address that laid out the government's historic free trade agreement with the European Union and described how it will promote jobs and growth in B.C.

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Vancouver Sun, Barbara Yaffe: Trade deal with EU will be good for BC business

It’s pretty tough selling Pacific tuna loin to the Europeans when they slap tariffs of 24 per cent on the B.C. delicacy.
Which is why wild seafood processors here are thrilled that Canada’s latest trade agreement with the Europeans will put an end to such sky-high levies.
While B.C. municipalities are balking at the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, or CETA, commodities producers and politicians are lauding it as a game changer for the province.

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News 1130: Two-day BC business conference starts today in Vancouver

The first-ever Business Council of BC‘s business summit goes today and tomorrow in Vancouver.
Council CEO Greg D’Avignon says the point of the conference is to help BC remain relevant in the worldwide economy.

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Vancouver Sun: Province's future at risk

B.C. is at a "pivotal and generational point" in its economic future, the Business Council of B.C. says. "B.C. runs the risk of becoming too costly and with too much risk to consider as a place to invest, even though government's done a great job of managing our fiscal environment," council president and CEO Greg D'Avignon said.

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Vancouver Sun: BC's resource economy shifts from US to Asia

After investing millions of dollars in a British Columbia pulp mill, the Fulida Group, a major producer of textiles in China, is facing some tough issues on both sides of the Pacific.

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Vancouver Sun: Major BC land claim case before Supreme Court of Canada

The B.C. business community and a senior B.C. aboriginal leader are predicting disaster if a major land claims case doesn’t go their way.

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