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BC Business Summit 2015 - BC 2035: Forging British Columbia's Economic Future


Thank you to our speakers, sponsors and attendees for contributing to a successful BC Business Summit 2015.  A short video clip and photos from the event will be posted here in the coming days.  You can also download the presentation from opening keynote speaker, Andrew Ramlo who walked us through the demographic shifts we will be experiencing over the next 20 years. 

To see photos of BC Business Summit 2015, visit our photo gallery here. Plans are underway for the Business Council's BC2035 initiative as well as the 2016 BC Business Summit.  Check back here ( for information as it becomes available.

Check out our opening video which looked at the history of BC's economy and contemplates what the future may hold looking ahead at 2035 as well as a recap video featuring many of the Summit's highlights.



In 2015, our economy is undergoing a transition amid increasing global competiveness and rapid rate of change brought on by exciting new technological developments, demographic shifts, information transfers and global economic change.  In this environment, it is important that we take steps today to prepare for the future. So, at this year’s Third Annual BC Business Summit, the Business Council is asking: what type of British Columbia do you want in 2035?

In twenty years, Generation Y will be contemplating retirement and children born today will be completing their schooling and embarking on their career paths.  What global opportunities will be in front of them? How can we best build on our strengths and accomplishments of the past decades in areas such as technology, manufacturing, transportation, life and environmental sciences and natural resources to ensure our economy is prepared for the future?  Will we be able to sustain the quality of life we enjoy today and what will that take?

It is time for a provocative, forward looking conversation where we confront the options and realities impacting the future of British Columbia’s economy moving into 2035.

The Summit will be the launching pad for a year-long conversation over the course of 2016, BCBC’s 50th anniversary year, in which we will be engaging our members and the broader public in a discussion about the future of British Columbia’s economy.  As in previous years, the audience will be comprised of senior business leaders with their hands on the levers of capital, elected and government officials from the provincial, federal and municipal governments, First Nations leaders and thought leaders.


November 19, 2015


7:15 am - Breakfast and Registration
7:45 am - Opening Remarks
9:45 am - Break
12:00 pm - Lunch and Keynote Address
1:30 pm Closing Remarks

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Vancouver Convention Centre West
Summit Room
1055 Canada Place



The 2015 BC Business Summit is now SOLD OUT.

We look forward to seeing you at our future events.

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George Cope, President and Chief Executive Officer, BCE Inc. and Bell Canada

Keynote speaker

George Cope, President and Chief Executive Officer,
BCE Inc. and Bell Canada

George Cope is leading the transformation of Bell, Canada’s largest communications company, with a competitive strategy of unmatched investment in advanced broadband networks, improved service and new content development.  He has earned a reputation as an innovative strategist and builder of high-performance teams during his career as CEO with Bell, Telus Mobility and Clearnet Communications. Under Mr. Cope’s leadership, Bell announced the Bell Let’s Talk initiative in 2010, the largest-ever corporate commitment to Canadian mental health. 

Mr. Cope's keynote address will explore how investing for marketplace success while making a positive impact as a corporate community citizen has transformed Bell as a national communications competitor.


Keynote speaker

Andrew Ramlo, Executive Director, Urban Futures

Andrew Ramlo is one of Canada's most well known demographers and planning consultants.  As Executive Director of Urban Futures Inc, Mr. Ramlo works with many of Canada's leading investors, retailers, developers and government agencies in the use of data to manage the challenges and opportunities such organizations will face in the decades to come.

What does our changing population look like? How will this impact our labour force and the future workplace? One of our most well-known demographers, urbanists, and planning consultants, Andrew Ramlo looks at what’s around the corner, including retiring baby boomers, the emergence of niche markets, and a workforce in need of new skills. He explains what these changes mean for both businesses and communities with uncanny accuracy.


In addition to these compelling keynote addresses, the Summit will present three panel discussions that will explore these pressing challenges:

  • What strategies are required to attract, develop and retain a talented labour force for the jobs and economy of BC’s future? How do we attract and develop talent that will help to manage through future labour market transitions? 
  • How will new technologies and increased information sharing continue to integrate into—and change— our diverse economy?   What is the role of business, markets, government and society to advance and adopt technological changes?
  • British Columbia’s land base is the primary source for economic growth and development throughout its history. How can the relationship between our economic development activities and the sustainability of the land base continue to unfold?  

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