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Pacific Finance and Trade Summit presented by CityAge

Canada has important tools for business to succeed in the Pacific economy. Are we using them?

The second annual Pacific Finance and Trade Summit will look at how we can build our economy with a focus on important new tools in finance and trade. And how we can further develop those advantages to build business in the Pacific, with a commitment to economic growth, sustainability and global trade.

In partnership with AdvantageBC and the Province of British Columbia, this 25th edition of a CityAge event will gather business and public sector leaders from across North America and Asia to look a new approaches to growing Vancouver, BC's and Canada’s economic activity in the Pacific Rim.

Specific topics include:

  • Building Canada’s status as a gateway for financial and infrastructure services between the Asia-Pacific and the Americas;
  • Building new markets for trade;
  • Expanding our shipping and technology industries;
  • Building Canada’s national brand and presence in the Pacific. 


May 24 & 25, 2016


Available at:



The Vancouver Club (Day 1) 

Vancouver Convention Centre (Day 2)


Available at: