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The Business Council of British Columbia is a non-partisan organization representing 250 of the largest and leading companies and employers in the province with assets and operations across the economy, including post-secondary institutions. Our membership includes organizations operating in forestry, energy, mining, manufacturing, transportation, advanced technology, health research and life sciences, tourism, retail and wholesale trade, construction, utilities, post-secondary education, and professional, scientific, and technical services.

The BCBC provides timely and exceptional public-policy research, analysis, advice and commentary on issues relevant to strengthening Canada and B.C.’s competitiveness and prosperity. We support competitive taxes, effective and nimble regulation, and responsible fiscal policies to enable vigorous business activity and provide the resources necessary to pay for education, health care, and other public services for citizens. We have a proven record of constructive policy advocacy on environmental sustainability, economic reconciliation with First Nations, innovation and productivity, climate change and energy, tax and fiscal policy, smart regulation, trade policy, and the development and attraction of skills and talent.

We convene business leaders with other decision makers and thought leaders from provincial and federal governments, Indigenous communities and academia to foster greater collaboration and advance solutions to some of the province’s most pressing challenges for the benefit of all British Columbians.


The Business Council of British Columbia was formed in 1966 as the Commercial and Industrial Research Foundation with a mission to advance B.C.’s economic development and improve relations with communities and governments. The group changed its name to the Business Council in 1984 and began working on a broader range of issues, including environmental matters, energy, First Nations, technology and innovation.

The Council has grown from 43 member companies in its first year to about 250 today. The Council’s membership consists of B.C.’s top employers, including companies from all of B.C.’s major economic sectors. Collectively, they are responsible for roughly a quarter of all jobs in B.C. The Business Council has been a tireless advocate for competitive taxes, effective regulations, fiscally responsible government budgets and a well functioning set of government programs delivering education, health care and other services to citizens. Several landmark projects – including the 1998 and 2000/01 Business Summits; the Outlook 2020 series in the late 2000s and the Council’s B.C. Agenda for Shared Prosperity – demonstrate the Council’s ability to act as an effective and innovative voice for the business community in promoting a competitive economy that generates prosperity for all British Columbians.

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