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Business Council of BC Launches New Platform for “Next” Generation of Leaders

Shift happening in boardrooms an opportunity for “Next” leaders to bring forward new perspectives on the future of business, government, the economy and society

Chair of the Next Leaders Council, Graham Senft is flanked by Darren Entwistle (Left), President and CEO of TELUS and Greg D'Avignon (Right), President and CEO of the Business Council of British Columbia

September 14, 2012 (Vancouver, BC) – The Business Council of BC and TELUS President and CEO Darren Entwistle today launched a unique new engagement platform called “Next” that is bringing today’s young leaders together and ensuring their perspectives are brought forward to shape the future policy and economic development conversations taking place in British Columbia.

“As Generation X and Y begin to assume key leadership roles in companies and communities across BC and Western Canada, there are shifts occurring that require an active dialogue between the baby boomers still leading businesses and these Next leaders,” said Greg D’Avignon, President and CEO of the Business Council. “Working with our member companies and our sponsoring corporate partners TELUS, Stantec and RBC, we have created a movement of young business people and a place for them to share fresh ideas, build knowledge and provide the mentoring and networking that supports collaboration.”

“The Next Leaders Council will be a powerful and influential voice for business in British Columbia and indeed, across Canada,” said Darren Entwistle. “These young leaders, who have already established an impressive track record of success in their chosen fields, will help guide our country’s future. I am grateful to the Business Council of British Columbia for harnessing the passion, intellect and tenacity of our next leaders to further strengthen Canada’s position in the 21st century.”

“As our Next generation transitions to senior leadership roles in our businesses and our communities, we inherit a corresponding responsibility to positively shape and influence the world in which we live,” noted Graham Senft, Chair of the Next Leaders Council and an Associate with Stantec Consulting. “While we continue to be mentored by the baby boomers, our generation brings to the table new approaches to conducting business, using technology, and collaborating with our peers; Next provides a unique forum for bringing these approaches to the work of the Business Council and engaging in the future direction of our province.”

“This is a very exciting new initiative - it is a great opportunity to engage leading Gen X and Y employees and clients and solicit their ideas now,” said Graham MacLachlan, Regional President for BC, RBC Royal Bank. “In that sense, it is a new way of collaborating between the generations and we applaud the Business Council’s efforts in this initiative.”

“The need to empower young leaders within our business community will continue to grow over the next few years,” added Michael Kennedy, Regional Vice President, British Columbia, for Stantec Consulting. “Stantec is proud to support the ‘Next’ leaders program and help develop the voice and entrepreneurial spirit of our province’s emerging leaders.”

For more information on “Next” and the Next Leaders Council, as well as finding ways to connect and get involved, visit

The Business Council of British Columbia, now in its 46th year as the premier business organization in BC, represents over 250 leading companies and enterprises in every key sector of the economy. Our member companies and affiliated industry association partners together account for one quarter of all jobs in the province.

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