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The State of Industry-First Nations Relations in B.C. – Part II: RECOMMENDATIONS

Through our series on the state of industry-First Nation relations in B.C., the Business Council has sought to document and take stock of the economic reconciliation process in the province. The results of this work have highlighted a number of important and mainly positive trends:  1) increased aboriginal business formations; 2) a proliferation of economic agreements between industry, government and First Nations; 3) growing own-source revenues and capacity improvements at the community level; and 4) a generally positive outlook for the future of economic reconciliation.  However, the research has also identified some areas of concern that have the potential to constrain the ability of all parties to move further down a reconciliation path that maximizes collective economic opportunities.

In Part II of our series we look more closely at six areas that will require action in order to make further progress on economic reconciliation that benefits all British Columbians:

  1. ​Capacity and resourcing
  2. Transparency and information sharing
  3. Resolving tension between collaborative and adversarial approaches to consent
  4. Dividing the resource rent and meeting accommodation requirements
  5. Delegating consultation
  6. Building more robust agreements between industry and First Nations

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