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BC2035: A Vision for Economic Growth and Prosperity

How well is BC equipped to handle a world of ongoing disruption? What will BC look like in 2035?

What can we do as business, government and community leaders to bolster BC's competitiveness and ensure the province remains a prosperous place with opportunities for everyone?

These are the questions at the core of the Business Council’s report, BC2035: A Vision for Economic Growth and Prosperity

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BC2035 is about creating a shared vision of BC’s future and laying down a pathway to realize that vision. It is about initiating conversations, fostering greater collaboration and getting politicians, policy makers, First Nations leaders, and business leaders to think about, prepare for and act on the future. It is about adopting long-term thinking in a world where planning is too often shaped by election and business cycles. BC2035 is about prosperity and building a province that is adaptive, resilient and inclusive.

From its inception in November 2015, BC2035 has been informed by British Columbians. What is contained in the final report comes from the contribution of over 1,000 British Columbians through regional workshops held around the province, two Business Summits hosted in downtown Vancouver, and smaller-scale consultations with First Nations leaders and business leaders.  The Business Council’s ongoing research and policy work also helped guide and shape the final product.  

We have structured and organized BC2035 around Four Pillars which form the foundation of a strong economy. Further, innovation, human capital, First Nations reconciliation, cooperation, utilizing technology, and government efficiency are topics that emerge across the Pillars.  

Pillar One
People, Education
and Skills
Pillar Two
Healthy Communities
Pillar Three
Building a Competitive Economy
Pillar Four
Embracing Disruption in
the Digital Economy


Report recommendations include:

  • Establish a BC internship program specifically for First Nations students to gain valuable experiential learning opportunities.
  • Create tax incentives for companies offering day care options which includes subsidized space.
  • Increase the number of graduate degrees in BC by introducing and sustaining a graduate student scholarship program for both BC and international students.
  • Develop a regional immigration strategy.
  • Enable communities to establish living labs where cities become open laboratories, making new innovations available to citizens.
  • Provide incentives for developers to densify existing rental housing.
  • Revisit elements of business tax policy to ensure closer alignment with the needs of an innovation-led economy.
  • Establish a Chief Innovation and Resiliency Officer to head up an independent innovation office. The Officer will accelerate the pace at which emerging issues and disruptions are identified and how quickly government responds.

BC2035 reflects the thinking of many people, businesses and organizations across the province, and outlines actions to get BC on a solid pathway to securing a more prosperous future. BC2035 is not meant to be exhaustive and does not purport to reflect all ideas or policies that could improve living standards, job growth or help prepare BC for the future. Our hope is that this report provides ideas that will encourage new thinking and provide a framework for BC’s future prosperity.

We look forward to continuing this work through ongoing research and feedback from readers, contributors, business leaders and community partners. Please share your ideas by emailing and watch this space for more updates.