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Preparing Canada's Workforce for the Next 150: Part One - Government Driven Solutions


  • In light of Canada’s 150th anniversary celebrations this year, there will be many conversations about innovative, exciting ideas to advance national and regional prosperity.  During these discussions, it is important not to lose sight of the less exciting—but vital—work of tending to our policy frameworks so that British Columbians are well prepared to succeed amid shifting economic, technological and labour market realities.
  • The extent to which new technologies, labour market restructuring, and shifting demographics are transforming the nature of work remains uncertain. But regardless of how this plays out, there are baseline assumptions about the future of work to guide public policy through a time of change and uncertainty. 
  • For policy-makers in British Columbia, smart human capital strategies must be a top of mind concern. The challenge will be to strike a balance between the skills that will remain essentially human versus the tasks that will be displaced by technology—and design a workforce development strategy that produces a skillset appropriate to the 21st-century.

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