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Skills Training & Education

Human capital is one of the most comprehensive files on the Council’s agenda. Primary education, industry training, the university system, immigrant integration and other human-capital issues are all crucial to BC’s economic development. As BC’s economy becomes increasingly dominated by skill-demanding industries, governments and businesses have a growing responsibility to help enhance the talents of British Columbians.

Achieving a Highly Skilled, High-Performace Workforce in British Columbia

Authored by Kerry Jothen, Chief Executive Officer, Human Capital Strategies

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15 by 15: A Comprehensive Policy Framework for Early Human Capital Investment in BC

Authored by Paul Kershaw, Ph.D., Lynell Anderson, CGA, Bill Warburton, Ph.D., Clyde Hertzman, M.D., M.Sc., FRCPC, FRSC
Human Early Learning Partnership
University of British Columbia

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Universities and the Knowledge Economy

Authored by David H. Turpin, President and Vice Chancellor, Eric Sager, Professor of History, Lyn Tait and Ludgard De Decker
University of Victoria

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Changing People Changing Places: Demographic and Economic Change in British Columbia

Authored by David Baxter, Andrew Ramlo and Erin Ramlo, Urban Futures

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BC's Advanced Technology Sector: Reaching for the Next Level

Authored by the BC Technology Industry Association

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